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Securing Public Procurement
accountability and transparency in the procurement process...

Our Mission

Harmonize existing government policies and practices on public procurement and ensure probity, accountability and transparency in the procurement process

Public Procurement

  • We have the sole mandate for the purpose of handling all public procurements in Ghana


  • We ensure process standard on tender/bids from foreign companies as regulated by law.

Rural Economy and Affairs

  • We are focued on transforming Rural coummunity to become urban settlement by 2020.

Machinery & Equipments

  • We procure equippments and tractors including other products as their needs arise.

Peace & Security

  • We ensure security and protection of interest of International contractors

Developing Communities

  • Our mandate is to increase the quality of lives in Ghana through quality projects.

Transparency & Integrity

  • We ensure transparency and procurement standards across all public procurements .


  • We ensure accountability of any actions taken by our agency. We are reputable entity